Top 10 Tips for Clean Eating

It seems to me that there has been a tremendous amount of negative press lately about the benefits of ‘Clean Eating” Is this because it has become so popular it deserves to be discredited or is the critique warranted?

Claims have been made recently about miracle cures that have occurred by a change of diet to Clean Eating, it cures cancer, heart disease etc. So lets be clear about this, whilst a healthy diet is really good for you, food is not medicine. It can help keep you healthy, for sure good, organic and unprocessed foods can help you manage some chronic illnesses – providing you take your medicine too.

So ‘Eating Clean” can help in reducing the risks of heart disease and cancer but it is not a cure.

There is evidence, however, that eating processed foods can lead to illnesses and a general feeling of lethargy, tiredness and a feeling of depression.

There is nothing wrong with eating good healthy foods as part of your everyday lifestyle.

One thing we at Fitgirlslim are sure of about “Clean Eating” is its effectiveness in weight loss. I have to date run four online detox of 7, 14 and 21 Day programmes with huge success. The results have been amazing. Losses of up to 13.5 lbs in the recent 21 day detox.

The members of Fitgirlslim speak highly of the courses and the results, they support each other on social media so no one is ever alone, there are recipes, guidance and motivation throughout the programme.

It is not just Clean Eating either, after all a healthy weight loss plan should include regular exercise and I post 10 min daily workouts onto the social media programmes for all to take part and of course attending an exercise class a couple of times a week helps no end.

In the meantime here are my Top 10 Tips to help maintain a Clean Eating Routine

1. Make your Meals Part of your Lifestyle

Diet is a dirty word so forget the D word, enjoy making tasty, healthy meals that will give you more energy and keep you healthier

2. Eat More Fruit and Vegetables

Fruit and Veg have the vitamins and nutrients to keep you feeling good. So get with the seasonal fruits and vegetables, spice up your life with our easy to follow recipes and you will not regret it.

3. Declare War on Sugar

Clean Eating is about choices, eating simple, unrefined foods and enjoying them. But there’s one enemy lurking in your cupboard. Declare war on sugar.

4. Cut Down on Bad Carbs

Bad carbs are simple carbs with easy to digest sugars that have no real nutritional value. Bread, white potatoes, pasta, white rice, sweets and pastries are all bad carbs, they will only increase your weight and make you feel you have no energy.

5. Eat More Good Carbs

Good Carbs are fruit and vegetables plus sweet potatoes and brown rice. They still contain sugars but they have fibre too so they take longer to digest, you absorb the ‘good sugar at an even rate, that helps lift your metabolism.

6. Exercise

Remember Weight loss is 70% what you eat and 30% exercise so get that body moving, it is a proven fact that regular exercise helps the digestion and improves health.

7. Drink More Water

Water is the best. Your muscles need water, they grow and stay healthier when they take on more water, especially when exercising. It also helps to fill your tummy so you don’t feel so hungry.

 8. Give Yourself some Quality Time.

Set aside your time for eating if you can, especially breakfast and dinner. Get into the recipes and have fun preparing the meals, then sit down with others and enjoy it. Believe me it helps you stay motivated, after all eating is part of everyday life so have fun with it.

If you live alone, get your friends round for dinner, get them helping in the kitchen and have fun with your food

9. Get Nutty

Nuts are full of protein, fibre and essential fats. A handful of nuts is a truck load of energy, giving you a mix of valuable vitamins and minerals, plus nuts help fill you up.

10. Read the Food Labels

Don’t eat what you can’t spell or pronounce. Have a peek at that pack of biscuits or a ‘natural drink’ and you will see an array of chemicals that have no right to be in your body. Stay Away!

So if you want more details about our Clean Eating Programmes Contact Karen@fitgirlslim. london