Fitgirlslim’s NEW 7 Day Online Clean Eating Trial Results

18 members took part in a 7 day Clean Eating Trial and the results were


Our trialists lost a staggering 67lbs in just 7 days

Eighteen of our members aged from 30 – 72 years recently embarked upon our new 7 day ‘clean eating’ trial.
What happened over the next 7 days was incredible and amazing… it resulted in
every single person losing weight with a group weight loss of 67lbs (or 4 stones 11lbs if you prefer!).
With the help of our 24/7 secret Facebook support group, clean recipe ideas involving NO CALORIE COUNTING, a weekly meal and exercise planner plus daily 10 minute exercise videos, the group tried their best to eliminate sugar, caffeine, alcohol, dairy, wheat, gluten, artificial sweeteners, additives and preservatives and anything processed.
Did you know that the body stores toxins in your fat cells? Remove toxins and eat clean and you will lose weight!

Here are some facts from our trial:

  • 100% of the trialists lost weight varying from 1.6lbs to 7.6lbs in 7 days!
  • 100% of trialists would recommend Clean Eating to others.
  •  84% of trialists found the Clean Eating Plan easy to follow

And here’s what some of them had to say about their Clean Eating Experience

“A great way to lose weight, I didn’t feel hungry at any time. Very nice meals”          Carole Creed lost 3lbs

“Eating new foods and trying new flavour combinations plus getting inspiration from other people was the biggest thing for me. The support programme helped enormously”.
Helen Green lost 3lbs

“Trying new recipes and having the support on Facebook was great”
Andrea Lewis lost 7.6lbs

“Thank you for all the support, the group was fantastic!”
Penny Seth lost 5lbs

“I enjoyed everything – especially the variety that I started to cook with”.
Pat Baker lost 5lbs

“Very good programme, good organization”
Denise Spillane lost 6.2lbs

“Thank you for the kick start, I really needed to get my eating and lifestyle back on track”
Mandy Holland lost 4lbs

“I liked the exercises and eating more and different veg to normal”
Ann Duke lost 5lbs

“I liked trying new recipes and the 10 minute workouts”
Denise Shulman lost 3lbs

“ I enjoyed the discipline but I didn’t feel that I was missing out too much as there was no calorie counting”
Rukhsana Patel lost 2lbs

“ I enjoyed the community on FB, sharing ideas and supporting each other. I was eating lots of food but no junk”
Liz Dvorkin lost 3lbs

The results speak for themselves

We have a private FACEBOOK coaching group

so will be working with you, coaching & supporting you every step of the way.

Are you ready to get some fab results?

Are you ready for a full 14 day detox?

Are you ready to lose the bloated feeling?

Let’s do this and start now!

Are you prepared to give the detox your all for the 14 days and witness amazing results?

10 minute  Home WORKOUTS suitable for all levels.
HIIT,  Pilates,  Abs & Core

TRY IT and see for yourself.

How does it work?

When you sign up you will gain immediate access to a private facebook group where you can interact with me through the day.

You can weigh in with me at any of our local weekly classes or weigh yourself at home or Boots Chemist if you can’t get to a class.
I provide you with all the support, information and coaching. I post  meal ideas, recipes, shopping lists, plus daily home workouts that are totally suitable for beginners. You wont need any special equipment or lots of room. You will also get daily motivation and tons of information on exactly how FGS Clean Eating works and in 14 days you will see amazing results.

Want to Get Involved?
Can you give this everything for 14 days?

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