The Cycling Chef who lost Six stones!

Denise Spillane from Walthamstow, East London

Denise Spillane lost a spectacular 6st 4lbs in just nine months after deciding she’d had enough of shopping for clothes in Big Girls Shops “I was 46 years old – a size 20 in jeans, a size 22 on top and I had been on and off diets since the age of 12. I was keen on sports at school, but this came to an end at college, gaining more weight on the student party scene. I work as a chef so I am surrounded by food, picking at it all day, with evenings on the sofa, the weight piled on. All this changed after my holiday in 2010 when I made a resolution to lose weight. I found Karen’s class and was horrified, I was over 17.5 stones in weight! Karen gave me the tools to get started, my healthy eating plan and 45 mins exercise session. I enjoyed it so much I began attending 3 classes a week. By June 2011 I had lost 6 stones and felt fantastic. I joined my local gym and started cycling to work. In September 2014 I cycled with the WomenVCancer charity in China raising over £3500 for women’s cancers. Karen is a fantastic support, working me hard in class and even encouraged me to be an instructor, which I achieved in June 2013. I can really relate to her members, advising and supporting them as they lose weight.”

Vital Stats
Before17st 7lbs

BMI 38.3

After11st 3lbs

BMI 24.5

Lost6st 4lbs
Height5′ 7″

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