All of Our Weekly Weigh-in & Workout Classes include:

  • Personal weigh-in with dietary advice. This is an optional service for anyone wanting to lose weight or just keep an eye on their waistline. We offer a variety of tried and tested Clean Eating Plans. Click here for more details:- Weight Management
  • 45 minute exercise to music class, suitable for all levels and abilities. We offer a choice of aerobics, toning, ‘Strictly’ Fitsteps, HIIT, Boxercise, and more. We strongly believe that offering a wide variety of styles is essential in keeping you motivated

Our Special Courses

In addition to our regular class timetable we offer the following specialised courses:

Fitness Pilates with Aromatherapy Relaxation

These 4 week courses take place on Wednesday Mornings and Thursday evenings throughout the year. There is no weigh-in at these classes They consist of 45 minutes of Fitness Pilates and 15 minutes of guided relaxation.

Natural essential oils are diffused throughout each session

Membership Fees

PAYG single fitness classes cost £10.00 each and PAYG Pilates £12.00

A six class pass is also available for £50.00 – this must be used within an 8 week period.

Switching to Premier Club and paying your membership fees monthly by standing order saves time and money and helps keep you motivated. It also includes free 24/7 access to our online classes.

There are several options for new members and rejoiners to choose from:

Premier Club at £29.00 per month – includes 1 community fitness class pw plus unlimited online workouts from FGS Home Workout FB Group or YouTube.

Premier Club Plus at £38.00 per month – includes unlimited community classes pw plus unlimited online workouts from FGS Home Workout FB Group and Fitness Pilates at Home FB group or YouTube.

Pilates Membership at £37.00 per month – includes both community and online Pilates classes via Pilates at Home FB group or YouTube.

Platinum Membership at £45.00 per month – our premium package – includes unlimited community fitness and Pilates classes plus unlimited online access to all FGS Home Workouts & Pilates at Home FB and YouTube.

IMPORTANT Please note our Terms & Conditions below:

Standing order may be cancelled at any time to end your membership.

Repeated cancellations of your standing order within a 12 month period will now incur a £20 rejoin fee each time it is reinstated.

It’s very simple to switch to standing order, please contact me for details if you’re interested.

4 Week Fitness Pilates Course £35.00

All prices quoted are subject to our normal terms and conditions.