AN AMAZING 123lbs (8 stone 11 lbs) TOTAL WEIGHT LOSS

18 members complete our 21 day New Year Detox

The Course which ran from 11-31st January this year has proved an outstanding success. Our biggest loser achieved a whopping 10.6lbs weight loss in just 21 days and the average weight loss was 6.83lbs which is nearly half a stone! 

During those 21 days we tried to eliminate sugar, caffeine, alcohol, dairy, wheat,  gluten, artificial sweeteners, additives and preservatives and anything processed. The Results show just how effective the Clean Eating Plan can be. All the Members who participate in our Clean Eating programmes automatically qualify to join our FaceBook VIP page for just £5.00 per month. This allows the qualified members to communicate with each other, gives an opportunity to share their recipes and give support to help maintain the Healthy Eating principles. Karen will always be there for you too, She will make sure that you are on the right path to reach and maintain your personal targets.

Here’s what some of them had to say about their experience …

‘After Christmas I felt sluggish and exhausted but after only a few days of clean eating I could not believe how good I felt. I was trapped in a cycle of being too tired to cook but being tired because I was eating so badly! Overall I lost over 8lb and am so pleased I gave it a go. I also enjoyed the 10 mins exercise every morning and will keep this going. I could go on but will just say thank you Karen and thank you all. You are an inspiring bunch”
Natalie lost 8.4lbs

“Much easer than I thought.. Loved the food but missed my cup of coffee… Very happy with my weight loss…… Thanks Karen…”
Ann lost 10.6lbs

“I was really apprehensive about joining the eat clean plan as I thought there would be a lot of planning and preparation. I am not a natural cook so I suppose I was a bit scared. I have been blown away by the results. I personally have not only lost 8lb in 3 weeks but alongside dry January have also lost an inch off my bust and 2 inches off my waist. I have not found the plan difficult at all and have in fact enjoyed adapting our normal family routine and menus to fit the plan. I have discovered fruit and veg I have never tasted before and in the whole 3 weeks of detox I can honestly say that the only thing I have missed is coffee. I am now determined to continue to try and eat clean and I am looking forward to hopefully losing more weight and inches. I feel less lethargic and bloated and I am definitely sleeping better. Altogether I feel much happier in myself and my normal January blues have not materialised. I would recommend everybody to at least give it a try as you have nothing to lose but weight”.
Tracey lost 8lbs

Our 21 Day Detox Includes:

No Calorie Counting – Daily Meal and Exercise Planner – Shopping List – Clean and Easy Recipe Suggestions – 10 Minute Home Workout Videos – 24/7 Support via Secret Facebook page

And here’s more members comments from previous Clean Eating courses……….

And here’s more members comments from previous Clean Eating courses……….

“Trying new recipes and having the support on Facebook was great”                                                                    Andrea Lewis lost 7.6lbs

“Thank you for all the support, the group was fantastic!”
                                                                                          Penny Seth lost 5lbs

“Very good programme, good organization”          Denise Spillane lost 6.2lbs

“Thank you for the kick start, I really needed to get my eating and lifestyle back on track”                                    Mandy Holland lost 4lbs

“I liked the exercises and eating more and different veg to normal”
                                                                                Ann Duke lost 5lbs

“I would like to wholeheartedly recommend the Clean and Lean detox program. I lost 6lbs during the 14 day period due to Karen’s motivational encouragement and the online support from others in the group. The program provided, with timetable, recipes and videos give a strong framework for your detox – and you will enjoy it!”
Val Thompson lost 6lbs

“I have a hiatus hernia which usually gives me reflux and discomfort for a few hours after eating, but since following the Clean Eating Plan I can honestly say that I’ve never once had indigestion or reflux and I can just get on with a busy day without worrying about food” Clare Daly lost 5lbs

“I love the simplicity of the food plan with lots of protein and vegetables and no sugar or processed food. The food seems to fill me up. If anyone had told me beforehand I could cope without my cups of tea I truly would not have believed it but in fact have managed. Granted I had a headache for the first two days but this passed and now it’s lemon and hot water for my first drink of the day!”    Ruth Lisk lost 6.5lbs

“The concept is so simple, yet so right, as it takes us back to using our common sense to eat the right foods that provide all the nutrition and nourishment we require, without all the bad processed ingredients. The list of goodies that we can eat has been amazing and the weight does come off ! I haven’t felt so well in myself for ages! Every diet needs willpower to get started but with the group support, getting into this one is easy.”   Pat Baker lost a total of 8.5lbs

” It sounds a bit cliché but It has changed my life.  Being a bit of a fussy eater I was worried before starting the challenge. ‘What would I eat?’.  But I made a conscious decision that I would try new foods and as a result I am no longer frightened about trying new flavours or flavour combinations.  I now view food in a totally different light. Karen gave us three tools, her knowledge, her support and a Facebook support page where I got inspiration and support from other clean eaters.  Doing this challenge was the best decision I made.  The best part of it is that I lost weight and I continue to lose weight.”
Helen Green  lost a total of 13.5lbs

How does it work?

When you sign up you will gain immediate access to a private facebook group where you can interact with me throughout the day and all the people who have already taken the course. You can weigh in with me at any of our local weekly classes, weigh yourself at home or at Boots Chemist if you can’t get to a class. I provide all the support, information and coaching you will need. I post meal ideas, recipes, shopping lists, plus daily home workouts that are totally suitable for beginners,no special equipment or lots of room needed. You will also get daily motivation and tons of information on exactly how FGS Clean Eating works and in 21 days you will see amazing results.

Watch This space for More Online Clean Eating Programmes Coming Soon!