7 Day Body  Transformer

The 7 Day Body Transformer meal plan offers our successfully tried and tested clean eating principles but with a more tailored approach, depending on how much weight you have to lose.
With a daily breakfast, lunch and dinner plus 3 snacks I guarantee you won’t go hungry!
All meals and snacks are calorie counted for you to ensure consistent weight loss. You simply follow the plan.

There are 3 calorie allowances:

  • one for those with 4 stones or more to lose;
  • one for those with 1-4 stones to lose;
  • and one for those with less than 1 stone to lose.

Your suitable daily calorie intake will be established for you by using a special chart at the scales (or you can weigh yourself at Boots), then it’s up to you to follow your bespoke plan for 7 days.
After that, you’ll weigh in at class – or weigh yourself again the following week at Boots – with a fab weight loss.
Moving forward, you can either repeat the same plan for another 7 days or switch to a new 7 day plan (I’m busy working on more right now)

Where necessary, your calorie allowance will be reduced accordingly as you lose weight.

7 Day Body Transformer includes:

  • Bespoke shopping list for your calorie allowance.
  • The 6 key principles for nutrition for health and fat loss.
  • Easy to follow meal planner telling you exactly what to eat (3 meals per day plus 3 snacks).
  • Daily full nutritional breakdown of calories, carbs, fat and protein.
  • 21 simple but tasty recipes in full colour.

Simply click the yellow ‘add to cart’  button below to make your £12.00 payment and your plan will be emailed to you within 24 hours.

You may already have heard that The British Nutrition Foundation are shaking things up next year by recommending that when it comes to weight loss  ‘one size doesn’t fit all’ and I tend to agree.

Historically, the NHS advice for weight loss has been to consume 1400 cals per day for women and 1900 cals for men, and whilst this will be successful for some of the population, it can lead to feelings of hunger and deprivation for others.

I believe this is now an outdated format, potentially causing food cravings and bingeing, followed by feelings of failure – a negative spiral.