My Bikini days were Over

Tracie Geraghty

Tracie Geraghty – Romford Essex

Tracie had felt trapped in a 17st blubber suit for 10 years, she had a huge appetite and it was running out of control, she had a kidney condition that was causing her to overeat and she was piling on the pounds. She was finding her weight was affecting her energy levels, she was getting so big she couldn’t get on the floor to play with her children or even walk the dogs. Tracie says “I wanted to hide away and put my life on hold, I thought everyone was looking at me when I went out, it was horrible. It was time to do something about it I didn’t want to be Fat and Forty. I went to a local Diet and fitness Class that was being covered by Karen, she was so motivating and helpful, her class was such fun I decided to join her own classes in Chigwell. I lost a stone inside 5 weeks and after two months another 2st came off. I was so happy I went and bought a pair of skinny jeans, my first for 12 years.

Vital Stats
Before14st 5.5lbs

BMI 34.8

After10st 3.5lbs

BMI 24.8

Lost4st 2lb
Height5′ 4″

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